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  • Plumbing Jobs

  • At LW Construction we offer competative pricing for all your plumbing needs.

    From Adding or replace fixtures, Repairing leaks, Repair/replacing water supplies to Toilet repair we are your service location.

    Come to know what thousands of clients already do "We are your trusted Handy Man Service"

  • Client Services
    Home plumbingFix leaks
    Install washing machine
    Replace tap washers
    Repair toilet flush
    All small plumbing jobs undertaken
    Office – BusinessPlumb water heaters / coolers
    Install dishwashers
    Toilets instalation
    Sinks unblockedv
    Replace kitchens
    Landlords – AgentsTrusted service team
    Guaranteed work
    Timely repairs
    Maintenance schedules
    Flat / property inspections