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Lamine Elabed

Lamine Elabed


AMERICAN CANYON – After a long career in telecommunications, Lamine Elabed traded his high-tech livelihood for something a little more constructive. “I got into telecommunications back in the 1980s and stayed in high tech for the next 30 years. I was involved in everything from MIL-SPEC hardware to medical devices to industrial bomb detection,” he recounts. “Initially, I was an engineer, but I later got into management and eventually became a logistical director for General Electric. Since GE is a global company, it was basically a 24-hour job—when problems arose. I’d get calls at all hours of the night. After a while, I figured if I was going to be working around the clock, I might as well be running my own company, so I left and started a business.” 

“I chose to start a construction business because I thought it was an industry where my management skills would be valuable.”

Rather than stick to his previous field, Lamine opted to get into another: construction.

“I chose to start a construction business because I thought it was an industry where my management skills would be valuable,” he explains. “A lot of tradespeople are good with their hands, but they often lack management and people skills. I figured if I could handle those aspects and assemble a good team to perform the hands-on work, my company would be a success.” A decade later, LW Construction & Handyman Services has proven to be just that.

When asked his favorite part of his second career, Lamine says he enjoys interacting with his customers and employees. “We have a very loyal customer base, and it’s always a pleasure to talk with, educate, and learn from them. Additionally, I enjoy training and working alongside my team, both in the office and out in the field.”

Originally from Tunisia, Lamine got his college education in Paris, France before coming to California in 1980, where he currently resides in Marin County. Outside of work, he enjoys spending his free time outdoors. “My favorite activity is going on hikes by the beach,” he affirms. “I like the outdoors in general, mostly for the peacefulness. While I’m an extrovert in my professional life, I’m an introvert at heart, so I love taking walks and enjoying the solitude.” Additionally, Lamine likes spending time with his family (including his wife, Wenona, his son, Alexander, and his daughter, Leila) and trying new restaurants around the Bay Area.

When asked what his future retirement might look like, Lamine says he hasn’t given it much thought. “I don’t really plan to retire. However, if I do, I’ll probably catch up on my reading. As I mentioned, I’m an introvert at heart, so I’d probably focus inward and spend more time on reading and introspection.”